Sunday, January 01, 2006

College Art Association's 2006 MFA Exhibition

Form Follows Function:
A Design of An Assyrian Identity

Feb 21–24, 2006
MassArt | Godline Gallery
Boston, MA

"The best surprise was Sharokin Betgevargiz's politicized posters (she was in the graphic-design gallery) of the history of the Assyrian people in the twentieth century. Her use of images and text, both in English detailing the abuses heaped on the Assyrians by the Kurds and Arabs and in the Assyrian (Aramaic) language, whose beauty matches the calligraphy of Arabic and Hebrew words."

- Excerpts from “CAA Regional MFA Exhibition” by Christopher Howard, February 24, 2006


Anonymous S. Sargon Elia said...

What an amazing show of talent, beauty and Assyrian Pride. I wish you continued success, further blossoming of your creativity, abundance, all earthly and heavenly blessings.

I hope we can experience an exhibit in Southern California.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Amna Design said...

Shlame S. Sargon Elia,

I'd love to travel with the exhibition to Southern California. Let me know if you can help me in organizing such an event.


9:49 PM  
Anonymous Andrew Carter said...

Very beautiful and powerful work. As a half-Assyrian with no understanding of our wonderful and ancient language I found your posters fascinating and moving. It would be great to see your work exhibited here in London one day! Also, I would love to have a print to display on my wall - is this possible?

I wish you every success.
Andrew, London, UK

2:35 AM  
Blogger Amna Design said...

Shlame Andrew,

Thank you for your encouraging email. I was just at an international women artist's conference and it was so nice to see their affirming and positive response to my work. I'd love to bring the posters to London. Are you connected witht the Assyrian community or do you have recommedations for exhibition venues there? I'm working on pricing my work for sale and will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you,

8:10 PM  

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